Uncategorized December 13, 2019

Home Buying Secret: Winter can be the best time to buy!

Attom Data Solutions tells us that the best time to buy a home is during the month of December. Quite simply, the best three days of the year to purchase a home all fall in December due to the biggest discounts. Those three days are…

  • December 26
  • December 31
  • December 4

ATTOM’s chief product officer, Todd Teta, said, “Closing on a home purchase the day after Christmas or on New Year’s Eve can be one of the most financially beneficial holiday-season gifts you can get. While lots of folks are shopping the day-after Christmas sales or getting ready to ring in the New Year, our data shows that buyers and investors are buying homes on those days at a discount.”

Despite price discounts in December, remember that buyers will still pay a premium of 1.2% above the estimated value of the house…they just won’t pay a premium of +7% above estimated value as they would if they bought that same house in June.

Thanks to ATTOM Data Solutions for source data, posted by timandjulieharris.com