Amenities many people look for in a neighborhood before they purchase a home

Amenities many people look for in a neighborhood before they purchase a home.

  1. Parks and green spaces near the chosen house are huge pluses.
  2. Dog parks are nearly as important as people’s/children’s parks.
  3. A neighborhood must-have is a grocery store nearby.
  4. Local coffee shops, cafes and restaurants (not just pizza places) are great to have in a neighborhood.
  5. Mature trees, shade and nature in older neighborhoods; in younger and/or new developments, make sure trees were planted and part of the community panning.
  6. A library nearby.
  7. A community pool is a great draw for many, but not for all.
  8. Coffee shops nearby. The higher quality the better.
  9. Farmer’s markets can be a plus.
  10. Walking score. How far things are away and what kind of sidewalks or paths get you there.
  11. Make a list of the things that are of importance to you and see what’s there. All things mentioned might not be near the home. What are the must haves, the things you can do without and things that disqualify the area?
  12. A little advance planning and scouting an area can save you a lot of time to help pinpoint the specific areas to consider
  13. Parts of this list come from, and my own experience as a Realtor for many years.
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